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  • Story-based Campaign
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Custom Mapbuilder
  • Voice Acting & Original Soundtrack

Story-based Campaign

In the far future, a troubled empire on the verge of civil war rests uneasily as an approaching Hudathan fleet makes it clear that the human race must be exterminated. No help is to come from its ruler, a brash and arrogant emperor who cares for nothing but himself.

It is on Planet Algeron, the training ground and central outpost of the Legion, where mankind's fate will be decided. Follow legionnaire Bill Booly across 16 missions and be at his side for the final battle that will determine the future of the human race.



You've been chosen.

An approaching Hudathan fleet threatens the human race, and it's up to you to stop them! Prepare for your enlistment in the Legion of the Damned, an elite fighting force charged with protecting humanity.

Are you skilled enough?

Legion of the Damned will test your strategic skills with a new type of tactical warfare for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This game puts all the weapons of war at your disposal including snipers, landmines, indirect mortar fire, stealth and more. Do you have what it takes? If so, report for duty today!


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Book - Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned

When there's no hope for the terminally ill or a condemned criminal they have one last chance to survive. And that's to join the Legion and become a cyborg. Both more and less than human, these warriors are the most elite fighting force in the Empire, they are the Legion of the Damned.

Book - By Blood Alone

By Blood Alone

Fort Mosby, Earth, is home to the 13th Half-Brigade, a collection of the Legion's worst rogues and rejects. Which is why Colonel Bill Booly is put in command -- he too is considered to be a misfit. But Booly and his troublemakers will turn out to be Earth's best line of defense when a Legion-led military coup topples the government.

Book - For More than Glory

For More than Glory

Legion General Bill Booly has a few problems. First, find a way to accommodate the five billion Ramanthians that are about to be born, form an alliance with the paranoid Hudathans, and crush the deserters who are terrorizing the rim worlds. Meanwhile, on the remote world of LaNor a rebellion is underway, and it's up to Lieutenant Antonio Santana and a diplomat named Christine Vanderveen to help put the uprising down. If their efforts fail, and the world falls to the Claw, the Confederacy will suffer as a result.

Book - When All Seems Lost

When All Seems Lost

Having been captured by the alien Ramanthians, diplomat Christine Vanderveen must protect the Confederacy's President from both their captors and fellow prisoners. But rescue is on the way, led by Lieutenant Antonio Santana, Vanderveen's former lover, who must try to set aside his personal feelings for the sake of the mission.

Book - The Final Battle

The Final Battle

The Confederacy is threatened by an uprising of the Hudathans, a paranoid race that's out to eradicate all sentient races, and the only thing that stands between them and Earth is the Legion of the Damned.

Book - By Force of Arms

By Force of Arms

Having stopped a mutiny against Earth's government, General Bill Booly and his troops face an even greater challenge: a battle against a fanatical human and the alien technology he controls. At stakes is the future of every living being in the galaxy.

Book - For Those Who Fell

For Those Who Fell

To ensure the survival of The Confederacy, the Legion of the Damned must establish a new capital on the planet Algeron -- and seize faster-than-light communications technology from the Ramanthians before it can be used against them.

Book - When Duty Calls

When Duty Calls

As the war with the Ramanthians continues, Captain Antonio Santana and his legionnaires find themselves surrounded by enemy forces threatened with annihilation. The Legion of the Damned can give up or fight their way out. And, as far as he's concerned, there's only one choice.

Book - A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance

Earth has fallen. And the men, women, and cyborgs of the Confederacy must dig deep to make one final stand against an alien aggressors... Meanwhile on a distant rim world Captain Antonio Santana is reunited with diplomat Christine Vanderveen -- and both battle to protect the severely wounded Ramanthian Queen. Because if she dies the usurper will rule, the Ramanthians will win the war, and the Confederacy will fall.